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You Have The Power to Choose!

Customize your platform in the MX™ Marketplace to fit your specific business needs by downloading and installing Priority's feature-rich product apps.
A single source, custom built payments ecosystem that not only processes payments but also delivers intuitive tools to help with billing and collections, sales tracking, customer engagement and retention - everything you need to run a successful business the way you choose!
Want to collect funds through your own branded platform? Our customizable Payment Widget links directly to your merchant account and allows card payment without you having to handle any sensitive card data.
Seamlessly accept Level II, III and large ticket payments. Set-up user level permissions based on job function. Log-in, process your transaction, and move to the next customer.
Simplify your billing process and get paid faster. MX™ Merchant + Invoice makes invoicing easy, automatic and completely accurate.
Everyone is going contactless. We have the NFC / Contactless payment terminal solutions that provide you with the fastest (wallet-less) way to pay via iPhone, Apple Watch or other smartphone/mobile devices.
Take a look and see what terminals we have to offer. With our comprehensive and competitively-priced EMV Ready POS terminal options, you have the ability to accept virtually every payment option with multi-layered security features and reliability.
Accept Net Zero™, a game changing tool and solution that will help you run a more successful business, our new online gateway propels your business by streamlining payments and increasing profits every step of the way. 
Navigate business with clear and accurate big data to deliver adaptive, customer focused campaigns that intelligently target your customer base and most importantly yield big results.
Customize inventory or stock with MX™ Merchant + MX™ Retail. Handle all back office management and inventory needs from on-boarding to tracking and simple to complex inventory.
Placing and fulfilling web and mobile orders is a breeze! Now your customers' can browse menus, make selections and pay for their orders through a brand-specific interface, accessible from anywhere!
Clover replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and barcode scanner with a suite of products. If you're already using clover, we can easily integrate with your current system just as easily as we can set up a new user!
Use your phone to take payments? This is our mobile product that suits your on-the-go needs with an easy-to-use iPhone and Android application for accepting card payments with optional gratuity.
Take the tedious work out of updating your customer's vaulted card information by automatically updating card data received by banks such as expired cards, lost or stolen, and bank upgrades.
With MX™ Retail iOS you can manage product and variants, customers, collections, discounts, previous orders and settings, and scan items and receipts directly - all from the convenience of an iPad.
Electronically collect payments from your customers for either single-entry or recurring payments by directly debiting your customers' checking or saving accounts.
We provide PCI Compliance & Scanning for all of our merchants. We use enterprise-grade security tools and compliance that ensures your sensitive data is steps ahead of any cyber criminal.
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