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Our Work

At Priority, our work goes beyond helping merchants across the country. We believe in supporting charities and nonprofits in all the communities we work with. 

By processing with Priority, you are helping support these incredible organizations.


Susan G. Komen Foundation

Every October, we contribute to their More than Pink campaign through our hugely successful big to raise awareness on social media and donate on behalf of our merchants. In addition, our Director of Marketing sits on the committee for their annual IMPACT Luncheon. 

Tigger Stavola Foundation

We believe addiction is a preventable disease, It can affect anyone, anywhere. This great organization works to help families who have lost loved ones to addiction, help those suffering with recovery, and fight this ongoing crisis with education and resources. 

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Toys for Tots

No child should have to wonder why they weren't good enough to get something from Santa, and we make sure that hundreds of children in our area are taken care of every year. 

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Lunch Break Food Pantry

Going above and beyond a typical food pantry, we are proud to support a local organization that supplies families in need with not just food, but clothes, training, and mentorship programs to help lift those in need up. 

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